Mascot Appearances

Interested in booking Izzy the Grizzlie or Lizzy the Polar Bear?! Izzy and Lizzy are both available year-round for appearances!


Please contact the Grizzlies at least 3 weeks prior to the event via email. Include the date of the event, time, location, purpose of event, contact name and number, and any other important information that may be needed.  Mascots are also booked an hour at a time.  A handler will accompany the mascot to serve as the communicator. The handler will also bring Gateway Grizzlies' marketing material to hand out and will be taking pictures for our own purposes.


The cost for Izzy or Lizzy to come out to an event is $50 per mascot per hour. Izzy and Lizzy can be booked together orseparate. If both mascots are booked together it will be a cost of $100 per hour.                                              

What to expect: 

Both Izzy and Lizzy are trained in fan experience.They will come to an event ready to sign autographs, take photos with fans, walk around and interact with the crowd. The mascot is there as excitement for the event so they will be ready to accommodate any need.

Venue Needs:

Izzy and/or Lizzy will need a private area (personal bathroom, private room, etc.) to get ready. Mascots will arrive 15 minutes before the event begins to get ready this ensure a full hour for the appearance.


For more information or to book an appearance please contact Collin Vieth, at the Grizzlies' Front Office 618.337.3000 EX 26 or by email at