Education Day

The Grizzlies are proud to host Education Day during our first pre-season game of the year on May 1st at 11:35 am.  This game will give organizations a chance to teach students and fans in attendance about educational subjects they specialize in!  

Participating organizations will be given a FREE table on our concourse for the event in order to help in their lessons.  We will also feature participating organizations on our website as well!

Speciality tickets for this event includes a $7 Lawn Ticket WITH hotdog, chips and a water, as well as a similar $10 Field Box seat WITH hotdog, chips, and a water as well.

For more information or to sign up to participate, contact us at 618.337.3000

Participating Organizations:

SIL FIRST Robotics 

Endangered Wolf Center

St Louis Science Center 

Grant's Farm

Missouri Department of Conservation

Lewis and Clark Community College

World Bird Sanctuary

Big Joel's Safari

Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary

Missouri Botanical Garden Butterfly House

Third Degree Glass Factory 

 Treehouse Wildlife Center

HealthWorks! Kids' Museum St. Louis


Jefferson Barracks Telephone Museum