The Masked Singer Night at GCS Credit Union Ballpark

On July 26th, GCS Credit Union Ballpark will be hosting it's own mysterious masked singer event to help promote the new season of FOX's The Masked Singer!  The night will feature our own local celebrities who will hide everything but their voice behind a mask and costume, leaving the fans to guess "Who is the mystery singer?"  With additional clues provided throughout the game, fans are encouraged to make guesses throughout the game on who they believe is under the mask! The celebrities will then be revealed at the end of the game.

Along with the Masked Singer event will be a table on our concourse with representatives from FOX with promotional giveaway items!  

DATE: July 26th

TIME: 7:05 PM

PLACE: GCS Credit Union Ballpark

Fans can get tickets for this game through the link below, or by calling 618-337-3000!