If you are looking for a fun easy way to raise money for your organization, check out the Gateway Grizzlies! Selling Grizzlies' tickets is a fun and easy way to make money!

  • The fundraising organization is responsible for collecting all money and distributing all tickets.

  • The fundraising organization will pick-up their tickets from the Grizzlies' Ticket Office to distribute while they collect the money.  Minimum tickets sold: 50

  • Whatever tickets the fundraising organization does NOT sell, they will return to the Grizzlies.

  • Money the fundraising organization receives is based on a $10.00 field box seat price.  The Grizzlies receive $5.00 and the organization receives $5.00.

  • Payment to the Grizzlies is due one week prior to the fundraising night or event.

  • MUST return unsold tickets when payment is due.

The Grizzlies Fundraising Packet!

If you have any questions please contact at Grizzlies' Ticket Office at 618.337.3000.