Crazy Gameshow Night AND Triada Advisors Hat Giveaway

Friday, June 22nd @ 7:05 PM Crazy Gameshow Night Presented by Mon Clair Corn Growers, Hat Giveaway Presented by Triada Advisors, Post Game Fireworks

On Friday, June 22, the Grizzlies will host their annual Crazy Gameshow Night presented by Mon Clair Corn Growers. This night will be full of wacky games, incredible prizes, an AMAZING hat giveaway, and a SUPER SHOW postgame fireworks display. Depending on how well the Grizzlies players perform, you can walk away with anything ranging from St. Louis Cardinals baskets to Visa Cash Cards to Grizzlies suites to possibly winning $5,000 - AND EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN!

Prizes will be given out every single inning!

Last year's prizes consisted of donations from GCS Credit Union, St. Clair Bowl, Club Fitness, 4204 Main Street Brewery, Dicks Sporting Goods, Far Oaks Golf Course, St. Louis Cardinals, AB, Ballpark Village, and many more!

The rules to our crazy gameshow is as followed:

1. Every inning, our PA Announcer, Tom Calhoun, will call out a section and seat number for three lucky fans.

2. Those three lucky fans will all come to the stage where they will sit down in one of our Supercuts hair salon chairs and each be assigned a Grizzlies player for that inning. (EXAMPLE: Contestant 1 will be assigned Cody Livesay, contestant 2 will be assigned Craig Massoni and contestant 3 will be assigned Blake Brown).

3. Once their player is up-to-bat, that batter will determine their contestant's fate!

4. Whichever player gets the best hit of that inning (In order from best to worst: homerun, triple, double, single, walk), their assigned contestant will win a special prize! (EXAMPLE: Terry McClure walks, Brent Sakurai doubles and Blake Brown hits a homerun - contestant 3 WINS!)

5. The bigger the hit, the bigger the prize!!! (Homeruns are the BEST PRIZES!)

6. If there is a tie, then the contestants will be assigned a new player that same inning.

7. The next inning, we repeat with new contestants!

Please call the Grizzlies Box Office at 618-337-3000 for any questions you may have concerning the games rules. 

Below is the layout of the Crazy Gameshow Board:

If you don't win at Crazy Gameshow then stick around afterwards and watch the Grizzlies fireworks display - the ultimate prize of the night to all of our fans! You won't want to miss our fireworks!

If you'd like to be a contestant then COME ON DOWN to GCS Credit Union Ballpark! The Grizzlies will be taking on the Normal Cornbelters with the first pitch set for 7:05PM.